Welcome! Signature Motoring is dedicated to providing BMW enthusiansts with the finest cold-air intake (CAI) heat shields on the market...

AND genuine BMW parts at wholesale prices!

SIGNATURE MOTORING HEAT SHIELDS : Higher Performance - Highest Quality - Best Looking!

Signature Motoring has two main purposes and objectives:

1.) To provide your BMW with the very highest quality cold-air intake (CAI) heat shield and intake kits available on the market, bar none! We either stock or produce custom performance intake heat shields/kits for ALL BMWs! Keep reading or Get one now!

2.) To allow you to maintain or restore your beloved BMW without paying dealer parts prices! Signature Motoring was created for BMW owners to get parts cheap, not to pad someone's pockets!

What is a high-performance cold-air intake?


Factory BMW air intake systems must take into account emissions, noise, economy of production, and other considerations often at the expense of sheer power and performance. Your BMW's engine runs of fuel and air. The more air incoming, the better. Thus the hood scoops, etc. of "muscle cars" and the like. A cold air performance intake consists of the following three parts:

1.) A high-performance conical air filter. Such a filter, due to its sheer size and design, will allow far more air into the engine and allow your BMW to breathe in the air that it needs to operate at maximum power even at lower speeds (such as aggressive city driving).

2.) A functional heat shield. We use the word "functional" because some intake kits provide a partial cup around the conical filter or a plastic heat shield. Inferior shields allow hot engine compartment air to go through and around them into the filter. A Signature Motoring heat shield protects the exposed conical air filter and keeps the air intake cool (insulated from the hot engine compartment air) by virtue of its perfect fitment and uncompromising construction.

3.) Some setups will require filter mounting adaptor plates and or intake tubing. All necessary installation hardware is available with Signature Motoring performance intake kits.

Warning: DO NOT USE a conical filter exposed in your engine bay without a heat shield. Signature Motoring heat shields are designed to dramatically reduce particles and other contaminates from soiling your high performance conical air filter. This will increase the life of your air filter AND YOUR ENGINE! You can actually LOSE power by using a conical filter without a heat shield because your engine is sucking in hot air from the engine compartment!

What will a performance intake kit do for my BMW?

Cool air is more dense than hot air and thus allows more oxygen available to mix with the fuel for greater combustion and therefore power. A Signature Motoring cold air performance intake is the easiest way to a guaranteed power increase from your BMW! HP gains are guaranteed over the stock BMW airbox!

What is special about Signature Motoring heat shields and performance intake kits?

BMW enthusiast around the world have come to recognize Signature Motoring intake kits as the very finest in the world for good reason. The appearance of a Signature Motoring heat shield speaks for its virtues... The hallmark of these handsome steel heat shields lie in their design, superior function, quality of materials, quality of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and perfect fit in your BMW. There is no "economy" in Signature Motoring heat shields... and almost no plastic. Signature Motoring heat shields are made in the U.S.A. by European trained craftsmen.

Products like ours are a rarity in today's marketplace as each heat shield is assembled by hand with pride. The handsome STEEL shell is laminated to heat absorbing material and trimmed with a generous amount of insulating trim and will not vibrate and rattle as is common with flimsy plastic shields! Each heat shield is polished before being bagged, boxed, and sent off to its proud new owner. Our intake kits contain only the finest rubber or silicone tubing, aluminum adaptors, and K&N filters. Perhaps what is most surprising is that our PRICES are often far lower than that demanded for cheaply made plastic alternatives.

Only Signature Motoring heat shields will give you handsome construction coupled with ultimate function! U.S. DESIGN PATENTS PENDING. Don't be fooled by imitation plastic products that simple allow heat through or around them!

How hard is it to install a performance intake kit?

Color photo-assisted instructions are included with each heat shield. Our intake kits include all necessary hardware. Average install time for a Signature Motoring high-performance air intake kit is about 30 minutes!

What does it cost?

Signature Motoring heat shields range in price from $99.90 to $159.90, complete performance intake kits are available from $149.70. Custom heat shield/CAI projects start as low as $259.90. Custom heat shields are an option where no current model heat shield is available for your BMW, or where you require a specially configured intake for a modified intake system/engine.

How do I get one?

Click here for purchase/pricing information. Remember, a high-flow performance cold air intake is the least expensive way to get the greatest performance increase from your BMW!

We at Signature Motoring are honored to share some of the comments received about our heat shields and intake kits.

Your heat shield was a heaven sent. I had recently added several performance items to my car now and your heat shield with the K&N cone filter proved to be the most bang for the buck I've gotten so far. Love the more aggressive engine sound too ;)
- John C. (September, 2006)

Thank you again for the great job! At two weeks I was wondering if I'd ever get it, but wow! You guys really make a quality part. That gleaming polished steel heat shield was almost to pretty to hide away under the hood! LOL!
- Marko F. (August, 2006)

I've been using a K&N for some time now without any heat shield because I didn't come across your website until someone gave me the tip in a BMW forum. I put the heat shield in yesterday and did about 140 miles. I wanted to thank you because I had a grin pasted on my face the whole time! The effect of a true CAI was apparent especially at this 85+ weather we're having here in Paso!
- Stephen F. (June, 2007)

Impeccable product! I was so happy to finally find this for my car! Thanks!
- Dieter G. (May, 2006)

Great looking product! Nice heat shield really added to the function and appearance of my project - my 89' 325is restoration.
- Matt N.(June, 2007)

Very nice and extremely high-quality part as described.
- Cody E. (November, 2006)

Excellent product, thank you for shipping to my APO abroad. (We ship world-wide, military addresses included).
- Craig A. (February, 2006)

Thanks, item came on time as described, nice craftsmanship.
- Don S. (March, 2006)

A+++ service, thanks again! (Custom heat shield creation).
- Luis G. (December, 2006)

Good item. Took a little while to ship but worth every minute I waited for UPS to come!
- Hung P. (August, 2007)

Good looking product, thanks. I've recommended your heat shield to four people in about a week now!
- Daniel F. (July, 2007)

Awesome product, just awesome!
- Andres P. (July, 2007)

Great product, I am very much satisfied and I consider myself hard to satisfy!
- Adraine S. (January, 2007)

I didn't think anyone made a performance intake kit for my beloved E30 318i! Thank you!
- Darren T. (March, 2010)

I got my heat shield and filter yesterday, thank you! Also thanks for putting up with my phone calls. LOL! There is so much cheap China made stuff that the quality of your steel heat shields is amazing! I recommend to all!
- Sgt. Sam W. (April, 2010)

Greetings from Holland! I install your product with very much delight! Very well made product. I share with my friends at BMW group meeting. Cheers!
- Frederick S. (May, 2010)

The quality of your intake box was just as described. I'm an engineer and appreciate good design and craftsmanship. I take my M3 to shows and will be recommending your product.
- Neil M. (May, 2010)

I just wanted to let you know you guys make the BMW of heat shield cold air intakes!
- John G. (May, 2010)