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BMW 3-series performance intakes

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Reminder note on E30 "aux. pc"
ONLY the 1988-1992 six-cylinder "i" cars use the "aux. pc" which is an OPTIONAL second smaller heat shield. The aux. piece is a second smaller heat shield that works with the main heat shield (goes around and over coolant expansion tank). The main heat shield for $99.90 can be used alone, but the aux. piece is recommended for optimal performance. So you can get the basic heat shield for $99.90 OR the KIT for $132.00 (plus $13.90 shipping).

Need help?
Performance intakes are made of a filter, heat shield, and sometimes adaptor. If you are unsure what you need or the drop down menus don't provide you with the combination of parts you want to buy, email or call and we'll take your order. A performance intake is easy to install, fun to drive with, and we want it to be easy to buy! If you have any questions, call us at (888)721-3302.


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